About JobX

JobX helps youth age 16-24 get – and keep – a job by providing placement services, career counseling and providing on-the-job training opportunities.

JobX helps youth:

  • Get a job
  • Learn skills to keep  a job
  • Get placed in a variety of work sites in Juneau

Work experiences are known to help youth:

  • Increase their awareness and information of pathways to careers in Alaska’s high growth jobs
  • Expose youth to the realities of the world of work
  • Connect youth to caring adults and mentors
  • Develop leadership and independent living skills

Be sure to check out:

Alaska Labor Exchange System,  ALEXsys, registration page


AKCIS (Alaska Career Information System) http://www.akcis.org/

Log in information:

Username: serrctr

Password: 2akcis

JobX works with 16-24 year olds to provide up to 150 hours of paid work experiences with local employers. As part of the Youth First Initiative, JobX prepares youth to be job ready by providing internship opportunities with  private employers, non profits, or government agencies. SERRC pays the wages and provides assistance with creating resumes, registering with online application sites, exploring career opportunities, and successful interviewing techniques.

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